Show Control

Show control lies at the heart of what we do, be it on stage or in a derelict steel works. Our bespoke technology adapts to the needs of any show or event. Designed for rapid integration, whether in a studio, on location or a permanent installation. The Ionologic platform has interfaces to any technology you may require and is frame synchronized across as many servers as we need.

The platform has multi-track audio, video playback, databases and online integration, DMX, MIDI, ARTNET, GPI in and out, motor control, Lidar, laser triggers, IR control loads of other sensors and triggers, tracking technologies, optical judging technology and much, much more. It’s all built in and ready to deploy! It also delivers stunning 3D graphics in both HD and 4K.

Virtual Production

What Is Virtual Production?

If you ask 1000 ‘experts’ you will probably get 1000 different answers….

For example:
“Virtual production uses software tools to combine live-action and computer graphics in real-time.”

There are many ways to skin the virtual cat. We have a range of user friendly solutions. Tracking technologies that deliver virtual production and cutting edge content and graphics into traditional stages, green screen, virtual and XR stages and VR headsets, or a combination. We will find the right solution for you!

Augmented Reality

In the world of entertainment content, augmented reality (AR) combines the real and virtual world. It’s not just a technological step change but also an editorial challenge as content makers seek to harness the full creative potential of AR technologies. ionoco has been pioneering the use of AR for live broadcasts and recordings with our user-friendly tracking technology and a range of ionoco designed lens mapping algorithms to combine the real and virtual live.

XR Stages

Extended Reality (xR) is a next-generation process for film, broadcast and live event production. xR empowers teams to deliver ‘Big Scenic’ environments. Using high resolution LED screens or projection surfaces, in the XR space foreground ‘actors’ and content are immersed into the scene live on camera. Our calibrated camera tracking technology alters the scenic graphics live from the point of view of the camera creating un-paralleled depth and field of view.

Mixed Reality

In the ionoco world, mixed reality brings all of our tech into one space. Here we allow events that happen in the virtual world to trigger events in the real world and vice versa…

Remote Production

With COVID and the ongoing need to allow for remote production we launched V3.0 out of PLAY@HOME PATH Platform in March 2020…

The PATH platform is a powerful cloud based interactive remote production platform providing a home-to-studio (and in-studio) with ultra-low latency video and audio transport, wrapped in a powerful interaction and game engine. PATH provides virtual green rooms, full HD video and duplex CD quality audio with synchronized gameplay/voting/opinion polling with the ability to connect any user(s) to stage with 2-way audio and video. It works for the smallest of projects to the largest and is scalable to millions of participants… Prepare to be amazed!!!

Live Events & Installations

We are not constrained by physical stages or studios. ionoco’s technology can be used almost anywhere. Over the past decade, we have created giant interactive mobile phone play-along games for O2 and Nokia, run marketing events for Nissan, real-time scoring technology for RedBull, Installations for Nuit Blanche in Paris, the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes and installed ‘countdown’ meeting rooms for Bloomberg’s London HQ.

Audience Interaction

Many years of experience in audience voting systems have resulted in a range of robust wireless products and systems that can be tailored to suit any studio or corporate environment. ionoco audience voting/interaction technology is highly configurable with simple yes/no or more complex interfaces, in rich interactive graphics templates that can include video, graphics, text and even audio.

Bespoke Electronics

Sometimes we need specific functionality that does not exist, or as is often the case does not meet the rigorous standards the event requires. No problem, we simply design and build it from scratch. Examples are circuit board design, physical enclosures and control software such as Wireless rings for Talpa, IR wristband control lamps and interfaces for crowd sync wristbands. We even helped a client that needed to track 20 people in an adventure game to within 3cm (1”) over a 13km2 (5 square mile) adventure course.

Mobile Apps

Our Team design and develop mobile apps. The higher end ones run on our sophisticated backend systems that allow scale and where needed synchronization live with your event or broadcast. Our mass interaction platform allows hundreds of thousands of users to interact simultaneously and securely while offering a wide range of interactive functions. Our mobile technologies have been proven live and on pre-recorded programming and are scalable, offering innovative and engaging real time broadcast experiences and 2nd screen interactivity

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