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The first ever game show on Prime Video...

1Club 2

March 4, 2024 — Prime Video today announced that Emmy and Grammy-winning stand-up comedian, actor, and writer Patton Oswalt (The Goldbergs, A.P. Bio, Ratatouille) has been named the host of The 1% Club. The series based on the hit international format, produced by BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions and Magnum Media, will premiere on Prime Video in the U.S. and Canada. The 1% Club will also have an exclusive telecast on FOX, which will broadcast each episode after its debut on Prime Video.

The 1% Club, created by Dean Nabarro and Andy Auerbach at Magnum Media and distributed by BBC Studios, has had major ratings success in Europe. Following the original top UK series produced for ITV, The 1% Club has had a strong global rise, launching internationally in the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, France, Israel, Spain and Turkey, with Mexico and Greece set to come.

“Patton exudes all attributes of an iconic host, and we are thrilled he has joined us for the first ever game show on Prime Video,” says Lauren Anderson, head of AVOD Originals, unscripted and targeted programming, Amazon MGM Studios. “Patton’s distinct combination of warmth and wit made him the ideal person to bring this addictive format to life for North American Prime Video customers and Fox’s linear audience. In addition to our creative passion for the series, The 1% Club marks a strategic business growth opportunity, expanding our ad-friendly content portfolio and allowing us to explore unique dual premiere strategies. Thanks to FOX, BBC Studios, Patton, Andy, and Dean for being such great partners as we break new ground.”

“As a proud member of the 90%, it’s a privilege to host this show,” said Oswalt.

“FOX Entertainment is excited to partner with innovative companies and pedigree talent to deliver premium content like The 1% Club,” said Rob Wade, CEO of FOX Entertainment. “By teaming up with Amazon, we effectively showcase the complementary value of linear and streaming audiences through this differentiated launch strategy.”

“Patton is an absolute comedic force with an unrivaled ability to connect to audiences and contestants alike, and we are beyond thrilled to have him aboard hosting our U.S. series,” said Ryan O’Dowd, Executive Vice President, Entertainment & Music, BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions and The 1% Club Executive Producer for BBC Studios. “From the very beginning, the entire Amazon team has displayed a deep, unwavering passion for the creative heart of the show, a steadfast commitment, and a collaborative spirit that makes us incredibly excited about this new partnership.  The opportunity to broadcast our series in an exclusive window on FOX makes this collective launch that much more undeniably powerful.”

The 1% Club is a unique, compelling and funny entertainment show that tests the nation’s intelligence, based on a scientific survey. It’s a chance to test how your brain works through a series of questions that all have a right answer but can also lead to a series of entertaining wrong answers along the way. Whether you’re a contestant vying for the cash prize or a viewer playing with your friends and family on the app, answer enough questions correctly, and you could earn yourself a place in the 1% Club: an elite group of people who can honestly say they’ve outwitted 99% of the population.

The 1% Club extends Prime Video and FOX Entertainment’s relationship, which began on the hit animated series Hazbin Hotel, produced by FOX’s Emmy-winning animation studio Bento Box Entertainment. Hazbin Hotel premiered as the biggest global debut of a new animated series on Prime Video.

The 1% Club for Prime Video is executive produced by Ryan O’Dowd and Krystal Whitney for BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions, which is led by General Manager Valerie Bruce; Dean Nabarro and Andy Auerbach for Magnum Media; and Amazon MGM Studios. Wes Kauble serves as the showrunner.

You can take a first look at The 1% Club on Prime Video in the US & Canada, or on FOX from June 3rd, with episodes airing the following day on Prime Video. Catch the official trailer here:

A masterclass in Audience Interaction with Crowd Control

Crowd Control is a new comedy live show that makes crowd work interactive, engaging the whole audience to incorporate them into the show. Utilising Bespoke ionoco mobile applications, real-time feedback and data representation technology, we’re creating unique experiences for each event. Does your opinion go against the grain of the rest of what everybody else thinks? Time to find out.

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The ionoco team face a new challenge

Our latest ionoco sports & social evening saw those who could attend split into three teams and each had an hour to escape a locked room. Needless to say, each of our teams worked brilliantly together to solve the challenges and escape before the hour was up, or maybe they just did anything they could to escape being locked in a room together! Out of the three brilliantly named teams, the ‘ionobros’ managed to figure the solution out and escape nearly five minutes before everybody else, just enough time to get to the pub before anybody noticed…

'Is It Cake' hits Netflix Top 10

top10 tv english 7 apr 1 apr 7 2024

March saw the premier of the third season of ‘Is it Cake?’ on Netflix, and whilst we’d still like to see one of our iPads turned into cake, we were incredibly proud to see it reach the top 10 shows globally within its first week. Maybe we’ll get that iPad cake next year Netflix?

See if you can spot our voting iPads in the latest season, streaming now on Netflix!

Foxx is back on FOX & More!

Legendary game show creator Jeff Apploff is delivering again, with Don’t Forget the Lyrics and Beat Shazam returning to air this month. Our team have had a fantastic time in-studio with these shows, and we can’t wait to see all three shows return to air.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics

The game show with only one rule… Don’t Forget the Lyrics! returned to air on May 23rd on FOX, streaming the next day on Hulu.

Beat Shazam

Having suffered with health issues during last year’s filming, Jamie Foxx was replaced by Guest host Nick Cannon for Season 6 of ‘Beat Shazam’ (Who did an amazing job). It was fantastic when we got the call to tell us that Jamie and Corinne would be back once again for Season 7. The highly anticipated return of Beat Shazam premiered on May 28th on FOX, streaming the next day on Hulu.

Name That Tune Returns


We had a blast in the studio with BiggerStage on Name That Tune, returning to test contestants’ music knowledge as they battle it out in an assortment of challenging musical games for cash and prizes. You can catch the newest season of Name That Tune on FOX weekly from June 3rd, streaming the following day on Hulu.



This may be the reason we need that extra shot of coffee each morning… Our late night favourite AFTER MIDNIGHT continues to impress with a fresh panel of hilarious comics each night. If you’ve not caught it yet, you can find all of their available shows below:

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